Im an cancer woman who am i compatible with

Leos want to feel proud of their mate and won't have the patience for the crab's moments of panicking in public and being overwhelmed by insecurity. This situation worsens if the lion grows disdainful, which Cancer senses immediately.

Leo has the comic gifts to lighten the moon child's dark moods but won't want this to be a full-time job. A strong Cancer accepts the posturing of the proud lion and will grow from basking in the self-confidence of a Leo. Leo may not be able to reassure the sensitive moon child.

If the crab gets too needy, Leo will lose respect. On the other hand, Cancers are often childlike and instinctively know what others need. They're the ones clapping wildly and making extravagant faces, laughing or crying at a Leo's theatrics. If this isn't overcome, neither may feel that his or her needs are met. But as players and artists, they have a lot to offer each other and could create magic through creative collaboration.

7 Ways Capricorn and Cancer Match in Love and Sex! | Guy Counseling

If they stay on the sunny side of life, this relationship could be one that lasts. Members of both signs easily fall into moods that cloud their thinking. They should give each other space to work things through, to let the waters calm, or to redirect the fiery intensity into productive creativity. Love is very personal here, which makes it meaningful, but each person needs solitude to stay balanced and find objectivity.

Essentially with Cancer, a sideways seduction works better than full-frontal love. Cancers, who are driven by emotions, need reassurance so their insecurities don't get the better of them. Compliment her we love to be complimented. I am the true cancer and he is the true aquarius. I am an extremely sensitive person and I did a lot of crying, but what we went through in the beginning taught me to be stronger. So I stopped crying all the time and moved on and started accomplishing my goals and doing what I needed to do for me and my son and not worrying so much about what he was doing.

It took the first few years of marriage trying to explain to him and convince him and show him that his friends were not more important than his family and showing him that if he continued that behavior that I will move on without him. As soon as I started showing him that I was doing what I had to do to be independent and not paying as much attention to what he was doing, or at least pretending not to pay attention, he got curious about what I was doing and started paying attention to me.

Aquarius men want to do whatever they want, but they want you to stay home and wait until they feel like giving you time and attention. When I stopped waiting for that, he noticed and started to give me the attention that I wanted without me having to ask for it. I see us together no matter what happens because he is my best friend. I know how he is- this guy likes that you still have feelings for him… The best way to get back at or get back with a Aquarius guy is to play his game.

Then one day you see him give him eye contact- then look away and go do something else or start smiling and talking with someone else. Dress your but off and always keep your makeup simple and sultry. If this seems like mind games- thats because it is; Aquarius guys do that to us. So, sometimes they need a taste of their own medicine. He needs space and time to himself, just like we do.

There is nothing wrong with cutting him off as a lost. I feel that way about my Aquarius guy sometimes. Know you are beautiful and have the power to get any guy- your Aquarius guy is very lucky to have a Cancer cutie such as yourself showering him with so much attention. Good luck! Aqua Hi, I read your story. I hope you worked it out. I miss him already.

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Should I leave him alone and not ask for anything. I still have feelings. But he seems to have moved on so quickly. I helped him out and now I feel he never had in tensions of being more to me. Do Aquarius men not want love? He knows I do. Should I just move on and give him space and just give him friendship and nothing more. He is very hard to deal with he always wants to go and never wants to take me. Just wants to take off alone or with one of our kids. Does anyone know what I can do to save us. StankPack I would love to talk to you more about this cancer woman- aquarius man match!

So emotional and sensitive please help! As far as being overly emotional…. And yes…. Aquas are the type to weep with you one minute and then talk smack about you behind ur back. He was all emotional when we wanted some but on any other given day he was cold and distant.

Aquas are to shallow and fake for cancer cuz we can see it coming from a mile away. We knew each other in high school and reconnected about 4 months ago and have been dating for 3 months. We fell in love the first weekend and are inseperable. He is gentle, loving and kind. I love my aquarius guy. We have the same values and when one of us is thinking about something the other one says it.

We are both thankful every day that we have found each other.

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This site gives me so much hope after reading so many articles about what a bad match Cancer and Aquarius are! Now I know why, he needs his freedom. As for the problems that may occur, being social comes pretty easily to me but giving people emotional space is a bit difficult. I will just give him as much space and freedom as I can and hope all goes well. I really do hope it works out because he makes me feel so confident and beautiful which is all I ever wanted from a man.

Wish this vintage girl luck! I met a Cancer woman about 2 years ago and at first I never thought it would probably go anywhere. I was taken by her that first time I met her, so much that from time to time I would wonder how she was doing?

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Anyways, I finally got around this woman again almost 2 years later and I felt even more attraction towards her. Not too long after that I told her that I had feelings for her and we started hanging out for a few months. This article has helped me so much, because of course I ended up pushing this awesome Cancer beauty away by being too aggressive and wanting to know too much too fast at the start of our relationship. I was so mad at myself for not being more chill, because i always have been with other women.

I never thought I would end up being the submissive, needy person in the relationship, but when u meet the person who can bring all the good out of u with a smile, a simple kiss, or a stern look u just know that this person could be my everything. She brings this ambition out of me that no one else could. She and I have amazing chemistry too!! Cancer women can really make an Aquarius man into a star!! Thanx for the advice and personal stories, this site is a God-send!

This is so true, whoever posted this, thank you so much for it. It gives me hope for my Aquarius boyfriend. I nids a sagittarius lady. It is interesting that so many Cancer women have found these fellows to be distant. I have found the true opposite, very possessive, emotional and jealous types. While they are out socializing, and talking your ear off they want their Cancer at home or squarely seated in a chair not attracting the attention of others.

There are plenty of great qualities about them but I suspect the distance is from a combination of insecurity and distraction. I started dating an aquarius man about 5 months ago. But I can never put my finger on why every time I feel like we are getting closer, he starts to feel a little distant. How can I be in a relationship with someone who runs away from that?

Hopefully this description is accurate, and he will start to get used to being more up front with his feelings, and less distant. We recently discovered that we both had deeper feelings for eachother than what we were showing one another. But anyway, after we talked and revealed to eachother how we really felt we made love for the first time and it was like the description in this article. It was amazing!

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  • He said he felt the same way! I love it! So, thank you for the positive advice! Im a cancer woman, and got feelings for an aquarius man, this is the only website that could show a positive thing about our compatibility. I just wanted to jump on top off him and make love right then and there buttt… us June cancer women are too much!! Stay tuned.. Im a cancer female and ive been talking to an aquarius guy for about two years now. This really describes our friendship. I just pray we work out!

    Good luck to all of you, its not easy but its possible! I was in a yr relationship with an Aquarian male. I learned a lot from him but in the end his need for independence won out. But the social part of this description was more for my benefit than his. When I became more social and started hanging out with others more, he became more flexible in his time with me. No regrets for the time I had with him. It made me who I am today.

    Its so hard. I tole myself that I will give it a littl more time! I feel in my heart we are meant to be together,buti shows me differient! I hope the wait is for the good! Thank you!!! I am a Cancer woman and I met a wonderful Aquarian man through the internet. After corresponding for a couple of weeks we met for dinner a month ago, and the mutual chemistry was instantaneous. Thanks again! Thank you finally, someone has written things with a positive heart. This is really helpful to me. I love this report!! I think that this Zodiac reading was very decriptive and helpful in helping me understand my partner.

    Thank you and i love this site. Your email address will not be published.

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    7 Ways Capricorn and Cancer Match in Love and Sex!

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